Adobe Walls La Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Adobe walls, La Santa Rosa de Lima on the banks of the Rio Chama, Abiquiu. Someone, during the last week or so, had reassembled the rotting old wood cross that was replaced a few years ago and left laying in the cholla cactus near by. Yesterday we met a lady, a member of the parish, who had planted young rose bushes. There are bottles of water stored next to the building, labeled, “Please use to water rose bushes”. I told her I would water them when I visit again next week. She was grateful. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe walls, la santa rosa de lima, abiquiu NM

Here are a couple of images made on previous visits.

Cactus Cross

La Santa Rosa de Lima, sky and cross

Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Santa Rosa de Lima, on the banks of the Rio Chama in Abiquiu, NM. The adobe church was built in 1734, (it says on the sign) and is located just off the highway in the ghost town of Santa Rosa de Lima, about a mile south of Abiquiu. I’ve included some links below to a few more images. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops. I just completed more than a dozen trips with photographers, sharing with them the locations I know and love. It has been a great pleasure working with so many photographers with varied, personal visions, on composition and lighting, in landscapes, nature, architecture and an occasional portrait. Below are images of a few of my guests.

Southern Colorado Photo workshop

Southern Colorado Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Abiquiu and Rio Chama Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos with Rainbows over the Taos Valley

Ocate photo workshop

On the road in Ocate New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

Abiquiu photo tour

On the road in (literally) in Abiquiu, New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

Group photo at the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.


Next, I am hitting the road on a photo road trip with two photographers to Eastern Arizona, SE Utah, and the four corners area of New Mexico.

Arizona, SE Utah sunrise


If you would like to sign up for dates from now through summer and fall please visit my photo tour page and drop me a line: or call: 505-501-4880. And… please remember it’s never too early to sign up for winter and next years dates when you may be thinking of visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu summer photo tours

Thank you to all my new photographer friends who have joined me on a photo tour/workshop. Geraint

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Under the cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM. This International truck has been parked in this location for a number of years. Drove by there on a photo tour last week and it was gone, possibly sold. I made this image on a photo tour in February. I superimposed three images from that location to get this look, the truck overlaid in a shot of its own rust and patina and a third of the trees above. Thanks for looking. G

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

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Windmill On The Rio Chama Road

Windmill on the Rio Chama Road to Christ in the Desert Monastery. I’ve spent many summers camping near here with the kids, and made numerous photo tours on the Chama River over the years. I remember when the windmill turned like a airplane propeller in the high winds and the water overflowed the stock tank. Now the rotor is tied off and the pump disconnected. Things change! Thanks for looking. G

Windmill On The Rio Chama Road

Georgia O’Keeffe Country, New Mexico

Georgia O’Keeffe Country, Abiquiu, and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. I just finished a fabulous three day photo tour and workshop with a photographer from Columbus, Ohio. We spent time on the road around Taos, the High Road,  Abiquiu and Georgia O’Keefe country, followed by a day in southern Colorado. The weather totally cooperated and the image making opportunities were stunning. Thanks for looking. G

Georgia O'Keeffe Country, New Mexico

A Bend In Rio Chama, Abiquiu, NM

At a bend on the Rio Chama in Abiquiu NM. A warm and clear winters day. I love the subtle colors of a New Mexico winter. I can honestly say I love winter photography excursions. For one thing I am mostly alone with my thoughts and camera. With no distractions and when the mind clears the images come. This image actually accounts for 1/1000 of a second of my day. The rest of the time was spent in a form of meditation of which this image is the appreciation of that moment. Thanks for looking. G

A bend in the Rio Chama, Abiquiu NM

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Photo Tours In Abiquiu, Rio Grande Gorge, Southern Colorado

Winter photo tour clients on photo tours in Abiquiu, the Rio Grande Gorge, and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu photo tour

Andy Wilson on a three day Abiquiu and the Rio Chama valley tour


Abiquiu photo tour

Chris on the Red Rock tour in Georgia O’Keeffe country around Abiquiu and the Rio Chama Valley.


Photo tour on the rio pueblo taos

Mike working with moving water on the Rio Pueblo.


Southern Colorado winter photo tour

John on a southern Colorado winter photo tour of abandoned spaces and winter landscapes.


Wild Horses photo tour

Just a few of the hundred or so wild horses we photographed on a wild horse photo tour in southern Colorado last month. The young foal was born a couple of days before.