Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour. We were inspired today by our Navajo guide, Ben, on our tour in Canyon de Chelly, to Spider Rock. The changes in light, shapes and form in the canyon, and Ben’s expert guiding made us want to jump out at every opportunity. Ourselves, having been inspired by Edward S. Curtiss for many years, we wanted to see the location of his famed Canyon de Chelly image of riders on horseback. Today the valley floor is filled with large cottonwood trees, invasive Tamarisk and Russian Olive trees, and although the rock faces are still discernible, the view has changed and is almost unrecognizable otherwise. This view above is the closest I came, to the indescribable vastness and enchanting beauty of Canyon de Chelly. Thanks for looking. G

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Mammatus Clouds, The Rio Grande Gorge

Mammatus clouds (Read More) and sun setting at the Rio Grande Gorge, in Taos County, New Mexico.

After a road trip around the block (about 200 miles) yesterday we arrived back at the high bridge, overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge, and were greeted by this wonderful sight. There were some tourists on the bridge with phones doing their thing. The bachelor heard of bighorn sheep were munching alongside the parking lot. We had our intentions set on a fitting image to end our day trip. I like the way the shape of the clouds mirror the shape where the light and shadows meet on the opposite canyon wall. Thanks for looking. G

Mammatus clouds over the rio grande gorge

Rio Grande Gorge Clouds B/W 5006-5016