White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona. When returning from a prolific image making trip, I like to wait some time before reviewing the photos. I like the feelings, sights, sounds and scents from the locations visited to sink in, to take hold.  The image, often times upon review, will reflect those feelings back to me. I think that is the reason I can remember almost every picture I’ve made.

Tomorrow I will post another image from Canyon de Chelly with a tender story, that will commit this place to my memory forever. As always, thanks for looking. G

White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour. We were inspired today by our Navajo guide, Ben, on our tour in Canyon de Chelly, to Spider Rock. The changes in light, shapes and form in the canyon, and Ben’s expert guiding made us want to jump out at every opportunity. Ourselves, having been inspired by Edward S. Curtiss for many years, we wanted to see the location of his famed Canyon de Chelly image of riders on horseback. Today the valley floor is filled with large cottonwood trees, invasive Tamarisk and Russian Olive trees, and although the rock faces are still discernible, the view has changed and is almost unrecognizable otherwise. This view above is the closest I came, to the indescribable vastness and enchanting beauty of Canyon de Chelly. Thanks for looking. G

Canyon de Chelly Photo Tour


GMC Truck Cab Shadows

GMC truck cab shadows, in El Prado New Mexico. Over the years, these trucks have provided loads of photo ops for many photographers and there’s always a new angle if one looks for it. Sadly their demise has been advanced by the proliferation of bombardments of rocks. Still… it will make for plenty more photo ops. The hornets are guaranteed a home for many years more. Thanks for looking. G

GMC truck cab shadows

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops. I just completed more than a dozen trips with photographers, sharing with them the locations I know and love. It has been a great pleasure working with so many photographers with varied, personal visions, on composition and lighting, in landscapes, nature, architecture and an occasional portrait. Below are images of a few of my guests.

Southern Colorado Photo workshop

Southern Colorado Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Abiquiu and Rio Chama Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos with Rainbows over the Taos Valley

Ocate photo workshop

On the road in Ocate New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

Abiquiu photo tour

On the road in (literally) in Abiquiu, New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

Group photo at the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.


Next, I am hitting the road on a photo road trip with two photographers to Eastern Arizona, SE Utah, and the four corners area of New Mexico.

Arizona, SE Utah sunrise


If you would like to sign up for dates from now through summer and fall please visit my photo tour page and drop me a line: geraint@geraintsmith.com or call: 505-501-4880. And… please remember it’s never too early to sign up for winter and next years dates when you may be thinking of visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu summer photo tours

Thank you to all my new photographer friends who have joined me on a photo tour/workshop. Geraint

Holman Presbyterian Mission “Chapel School”

Holman Presbyterian Mission Chapel School. So I thought I’d share this image, the feature of the last couple of days images, in it’s fabulous state of decay on the road to Mora New Mexico. I’ve been visiting here for years and it’s plain to see the rapid changes that occur when the locations are left to the elements and nature has its way with them. Thanks for looking. G

Holman presbyterian mission church

Here is an historical image of this location and other missions in New Mexico and southern Colorado. This building in in the fifth segment down PDF Download

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Under the cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM. This International truck has been parked in this location for a number of years. Drove by there on a photo tour last week and it was gone, possibly sold. I made this image on a photo tour in February. I superimposed three images from that location to get this look, the truck overlaid in a shot of its own rust and patina and a third of the trees above. Thanks for looking. G

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Size and Price

Georgia O’Keeffe Country, New Mexico

Georgia O’Keeffe Country, Abiquiu, and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. I just finished a fabulous three day photo tour and workshop with a photographer from Columbus, Ohio. We spent time on the road around Taos, the High Road,  Abiquiu and Georgia O’Keefe country, followed by a day in southern Colorado. The weather totally cooperated and the image making opportunities were stunning. Thanks for looking. G

Georgia O'Keeffe Country, New Mexico

Photo Tours In Abiquiu, Rio Grande Gorge, Southern Colorado

Winter photo tour clients on photo tours in Abiquiu, the Rio Grande Gorge, and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu photo tour

Andy Wilson on a three day Abiquiu and the Rio Chama valley tour


Abiquiu photo tour

Chris on the Red Rock tour in Georgia O’Keeffe country around Abiquiu and the Rio Chama Valley.


Photo tour on the rio pueblo taos

Mike working with moving water on the Rio Pueblo.


Southern Colorado winter photo tour

John on a southern Colorado winter photo tour of abandoned spaces and winter landscapes.


Wild Horses photo tour

Just a few of the hundred or so wild horses we photographed on a wild horse photo tour in southern Colorado last month. The young foal was born a couple of days before.