The four days I spent with Geraint made for the best photography workshop I've ever attended.

He was generous with his time and even more giving with his knowledge. His patient, supportive approach created a learning environment where I could proceed at my own pace. We explored some wonderful locations and were able to interact with a number of colorful characters. Mark van Doren said, "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." That's a perfect description of what Geraint does.

Ron Richardson, Jasper, Alabama

My photo tour with Geraint was worth every penny.

He is a master at seeing beautiful compositions where most would drive by without a second glance. The tour was from 9-5: no sunrise, no sunset, yet he still found many good subjects. Geraint gave suggestions on how to frame, focus, and expose the shots. He brought a laptop and for some of the shots we did post-processing. This immediate feedback was helpful in visualizing the final result when taking shots.

While driving between locations, we had the opportunity for unhurried conversation about photography. This tour is about the art of photography, not the camera gear. Afterwards, I felt creatively re-charged.

I would recommend Geraint’s photo tour for any level of photographer, from beginner to professional.

Colin Barnett, Albuquerque, NM

A great big GIGANTIC "Thank you" for the AWESOME photo tour!

It was fantastic....indeed a highlight life experience. I'm really greatful for the shooting tips but more so for your "photography as a meditation" philosophy. Of all the instruction you gave me, this mindfulness viewpoint resonated the most and will endure with me in all my future endeavors. I also appreciate your flexibility and am now convinced that a good scene can be had, no matter what the situation may be.

Gabe Mounce, Albuquerque, NM

Geraint Smith and I have been doing photo day trips as friends for a very long time. As a landscape painter it is wonderful to explore the back roads and villages of northern New Mexico. Usually I do solo trips, but find the search for new material so much more fun in Geraint's company. He openly and unselfishly shares his knowledge of this area - it would be a great privilege for any visual artist to work with him. I have total admiration for his beautiful photography and talent. Any of the photo tours on his itinerary is the essence of northern New Mexico at it's most beautiful best.

Donna Clair, Taos, NM

We had the opportunity to do three days of photo touring with Geraint. What a treat!

We were able to do three different tours, all of which were outstanding. The High Road to Taos, Georgia O'Keeffe Country, and the Rio Grande Gorge area were all a visual delight. The added plus was that the Cottonwoods had changed to their fall colors, a golden yellow. Magnificent!! Geraint 's intimate knowledge of knowing the time of day for the best natural light on the preferred shot was a real added plus. He was able to incorporate historic architecture, western weathered buildings and churches, old country stores, and a whole lot more into our day. It was a photographers delight! If you are an avid photographer you will really enjoy Geraint's tips and instruction. When we began our time with him he was our guide, at the conclusion of our time we parted friends.

Bill and Gretchen Northrup - Columbus, Ohio

Geraint, Susan and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful day we were able to spend with you last Wednesday.

Thanks for so many things - for showing us how to use our camera features more efficiently, for new ways of "seeing" a subject, balance and composition, we could go on and on! We have lived in NM most of our lives but had never seen many of the places you took us. The weather was stunning; thunder clouds, rainbows, mountain villages. It was a day that we were truly filled with wonder at all we saw!

You were so very patient with us as we would try to grasp concepts that come naturally to you. And finally, it was a pleasure to get to know you as a person, not just a photographer. Thank you for sharing a day with us.

Mark and Susan Schumpert, Maine

After completing your half-day photo-tour session, in the back country around Taos, NM, I can only say that it exceeded my expectations and left me with both wonderful memories of the terrain and a renewed perspective of landscape photography.

I can certainly recommend your service to any Taos bound beginning or intermediate photographer who wants to enrich their view of nature’s grandeur, as seen through your eyes. Thank you again for your knowledge and patience with the slowness of my 73 year old brain and ability to hike the area.

Kenneth S. Cohen, California

As an enthusiastic photographer, I found instruction with Geraint a unique opportunity.

He is generous and patient as well as thoroughly knowledgeable about digital cameras and photo-editing software. I would not hesitate to recommend his photo-tours to anyone, tourist or photographer alike. This is a great way to experience the special sights of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Elizabeth Manny, El Prado, NM