Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Worlds Meet, Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Worlds meet along the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, Antonito, Colorado. That’s San Antonio Mountain (largest free standing mountain in lower 48) and the area’s cell phone tower. Old and new (coexist at best) in the southern San Luis Valley. Hey Andy Wilson. remember this? Thanks for looking. G

Worlds meet on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Wild Mustang, Southern Colorado

Wild Mustang, roaming in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado. It was the stallion permitting us to participate in this encounter with these beautiful and powerful wild beings. Stomping his foot and showing his teeth we moved forward, cautious, in deference, as if in some form of supplication. As close as this is, we respected their space and with the aid of long lenses, were able to make images of these magnificent creatures. Click on photo to enlarge. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Mustang, Southern Colorado

Barn and Bales, San Luis Valley

Barn and bales of hay, San Luis Valley, southern Colorado. I love the rural west. Palpable in it’s simplicity. The barn and hay were beyond a fence. I was so drawn to reach out to touch the bales and run my hand along their length and enter the barn. Thanks for looking. G

Barn and Bales, San Luis Valley


Marmot Southern Colorado

Marmot on a roadside perch in southern Colorado. This marmot was lazing on a rock, minding it’s own business. It didn’t seem to mind me making portraits of it. Given where we found it, on a pile of lava rocks at the side of the highway turnout, people would be quite familiar to it. Thanks for looking. G

Marmot on the road in southern Colorado.

Photography Tour Workshops

Photography tour workshops. A little shameless promotion, sharing these images of some of my wonderful clients working in the field. If you are thinking of joining me on a photo tour workshop, I have some dates open for July, August, September and through the rest of the year. I’m already booking trips for the coming winter and spring. Winter is one of my favorite times of year to spend in the field. Thanks for looking. G

Photography tour workshops

Chicks. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Chicks. Two very curious juvenile Red-tailed Hawks on the Nest in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I’ve been watching this nest and another for some time. The other nest appeared to be recently abandoned but these two chicks at this nest site are thriving very well. By July/August they will be practicing flying lessons. I’ll keep an eye on them and fill you in on their progress. Thanks for looking. G

Chicks, Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk Nest

Wild Horses, Colorado

Wild horses, Colorado. This pair hung close together and made for a nice pensive portrait. They were part of a larger tribe of about two dozen wild horses on the roadside in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Horses, Colorado

RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Trinidad, Colorado

RGB, Red, Green, Blue, “Colt Restaurant” Trinidad, Colorado. I don’t know the history of this sign except that it is parked in the side lot of an antique shop, closed due to boiler trouble. RGB, the colors of Trinidad, a city just over the border from New Mexico in Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Trinidad, Colorado.

Rural Southern Colorado, Ute Mountain, Barn

Rural southern Colorado, Ute Mountain, barn. Gorgeous skies and the last snow fall across the valley. Hopefully not the last snow of the winter. This was less than a week ago. Today all the snow is gone and temps were in the mid 50’s F. The ice was gone on the lake. I was standing on the same ice a week ago. Today felt like the refreshing, first day of spring. Thanks for looking. G

Rural Colorado, Ute Mountain Barn

Golden Eagle Silhouette, Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Golden Eagle silhouette, with the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, southern Colorado. We whipped past this scene, but quickly pulled over and got a couple of shots of the Golden Eagle on the power pole. They are a magnificent sight to see in their domain and their domain is everywhere. Thanks for looking. G

Golden Eagle silhouette, Sangre De Cristo Mountains