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NEST "A Journey Through Nature - A Way Back Home"

Price $24.95

NEST "A Journey Through Nature - A Way Back Home" celebrates a journey home towards our true calling, where we remember how it is to tread gently on the earth. Filled with full-color, exquisite images of nature throughout by photographer Geraint Smith, the book is an expression of gratitude to the earth, our home, for surrounding us with an abundance of unconditional beauty. When we look at a tree and can then become the tree, we realize that in this vast loving universe, we are complete, just as we are. Everywhere we look, whether at the simplest shadow cast by a blade of grass or a majestic landscape filled with dramatic color and form, both experiences leave us with an undeniable feeling of how good it is to be alive.

The book is beautifully edited and designed by Lesley Cox with a foreword by Jim O'Donnell, Author of "Notes for the Aurora Society"



All images are Copyright © Geraint Smith 2005 - 2011