Dawson Cemetery, Colfax County, New Mexico

Dawson cemetery, in Colfax County, New Mexico. Dawson was the site of two separate coal mining disasters in 1913 and 1923. Dawson is located about 17 miles northeast of Cimarron, New Mexico. The township is gone but the cemetery remains. Growing up in a mining community in south Wales in the UK, it can be very moving to see the grave markers of the hundreds who died in two extreme mining accidents in this former township. I made this image last August when the afternoon sunlight through the thunderstorms and sunflowers accompanied the white grave markers of those killed in the two separate disasters. Thanks for looking. G

Dawson cemetery, New Mexico.

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Embudo, New Mexico, Cemetery And Shrine

Embudo, New Mexico, Cemetery And Shrine. The hillside shrine, Barrancos Blancos, along highway 68 in hamlet of Embudo, stands resolute, a backdrop for the cemetery. The dirt hills, flanked by the highway to the east and the Rio Grande to the west, look like they should have weathered away by now. Today they still skirt around the cemetery like a guardian and creating a prominent feature of the local landscape. A few people stop their cars and get out and snap a photo. More often than not the traffic whizzes past at speeds that barely allow the occupants a glimpse of the shrine. Not too long ago I parked the car and walked around the site and made this image. I’ve included a link below of a picture from another day for your enjoyment. Thanks for looking. G

Embudo cemetery and shrine

Here’s another image of the location from the highway: