Earth And Sky, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Earth and sky. The Penitente Morada under a northern New Mexico sky in the Village of Abiquiu, just up the hill from Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio. This image is from a full day photo tour a few weeks ago in Abiquiu and the Chama River Valley. The dramatic skies continue, which is great for adding drama to the landscape and iconic architecture of New Mexico. If you would like to spend sometime photographing in this most beautiful area, check out my photo tour page. Thanks for looking. G

Earth And Sky, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Penitente Morada In Abiquiu, NM

Penitente Morada, in Abiquiu, NM. I’ve been going through the archives again this week, and found a few images like this one from almost ten years ago. Long before they put up the “No Tresspassing” sign, I would walk up to the building and yes, make and image, but also spend a moment in peaceful tranquility and personal reflection. It’s a stunning location here, where this building sits, overlooking the Rio Chama Valley. I added a couple of links below of the view from here.  Thanks for looking. G

Penitente Morada Abiquiu

View to the North East

View to the North