Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: January 2017

Adobe Crumble

Adobe Crumble … what more can I say? Ok… I like the randomness of the adobe brick textures squared off against the smoothness of the window panes. The bounced light filling in the shadows has a nice glow I like. Thanks for looking. G


Holy Trinity, Arroyo Seco, NM

Holy Trinity Church is close to my Fine Art Gallery in Arroyo Seco, NM. I often make the twenty yard stroll to see how the light looks on this historic adobe building. Sometimes it’s an intense afternoon glow under the New Mexico sun, or in this case, the belfry and branches are stark against the sky on a winter’s day. Not a problem! Tomorrow, I’ll take another stroll around the corner to see what’s happening in the neighborhood. New Mexico almost always surprises me when I least expect it. Come and visit! Thanks for looking. Click here for another image of this building. 

Holy Trinity Church, Arroyo Seco NM.

The Glow Of A Winter Eve

After last night’s sunset … the glow of a winter eve on the Columbine – Hondo Wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of the southern Rockies.


Tonight On Taos Mountain

Sunset on Taos Mountain and a little Sangre de Cristo. It was cold today, and the mountains were pristine. I made this image of the peaks on Taos Mountain at the last moment. I liked the low light levels as the colors got quite dense at that point, and the slight hint of blues and grays came through. Thanks for looking.

Sunset on Taos Mountain and a little Sangre de Cristo

Window and Buttress

Window and Buttress, Taos, NM. Driving, walking, often times not really looking then something catches ones eye. This plain image of blue window trim against the stark grey (brown coat) wall, struck a cord in its simplicity. Thanks for looking. G

window buttress

Alley Door In Taos

Alley Door Graffiti in downtown Taos. Not sure it’s actually graffiti, more like paint covering up graffiti on this old steel door. Thanks for looking. G


In Ranchitos Valley

Came across this gentle creature in the Ranchitos Valley this evening. The light was soft and the animal’s nature seemed giving and loving. It came toward me, it wanted to get closer. I wanted to get closer. The barbed wire fence and an ice pond between us created a boundary for any further physical contact. The horse turned to it’s right, as if to show me its best side, and declared, “here I am!” In that moment, as I activated the camera’s shutter, a connection occurred, where all I could do was sigh in awe and disbelief as two souls cross the barriers in between.

white horse in the ranchitos valley taos new mexico