Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: July 2017

Storms Across The Plateau

Storms Across The Plateau. Shafts of sunlight play tag with the shadows coursing across the northern New Mexico landscape. Thanks for looking. G

Storms across the Plateau

Potato Cellar, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Potato Cellar, San Luis Valley, Colorado. When I came across the abandoned cellar I saw many angles and compositions, but the one that struck me the most was the burlap potato sacks left hanging over a wire. Out of all the remnants left behind in this place these were the only objects that represented, singularly and collectively, the sole nature of this place. There were many more objects that informed me a little about the original purpose of the potato cellar, but these burlap sacks left me knowing it’s exact purpose. Upon encountering this grouping I made a picture which conjured up an image of the last person to leave, the one who hung them over the wire and walked away. Thanks for looking. G


Talpa Chapel Crosses

Talpa Chapel crosses. I used to live a few doors away from this chapel when I first moved to New Mexico. I lived where I could hear the bells toll for mass, feast days, christmas processions and funerals. Over the years I’ve made many images of the church of “San Juan de Los Lagos Talpa” on the High Road to Taos. It is always a pleasure to share this chapel with many guests who always leave with a new reverence for this exquisite little place. Thanks for looking. G


Hondo Mesa Mega Sunset

Hondo Mesa, Mega Sunset Taos, New Mexico. At this time of year the shows are spectacular. We may get some subtle “quiet” sunsets, which frankly I prefer, for the reason my head doesn’t spin in all directions, as was the case with this sunset. Thanks for looking. G


Lindisfarne Island Lobster Pots

Lindisfarne Island lobster pots and stone buildings. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland on the northeast coast of  England. When the tide comes in the island is shut off from the mainland twice a day. Spending a night on the island when the tourists have left on their coaches or in their cars, increases the sense of splendid isolation. It gives a slight glimpse into the past, when the inhabitants didn’t rely on tourism, but on fishing, the production of Lindisfarne mead, made by the monks at the abbey on the island, and catering to the pilgrims who traveled over the tidal sands to pay homage to Saint Cuthbert. Thanks for looking. G


Dragon Cloud Hondo Mesa

Dragon cloud over the Hondo Mesa, Taos, NM. Yes… this dragon cloud cruised across the skies over the mesa this evening. I was playing with the shadow adjustments in photoshop and found this creature flying through the sunset. Thanks for looking. G

Dragon cloud over the Hondo Mesa

Harold Anderson, Jaroso, Colorado

Harold Anderson. The inimitable, gracious… and, as gentlemanly as they come, Harold Anderson of Jaroso, Colorado. Thank you Harold for your generosity in allowing us access to your farm for photography. For regaling us with innumerable stories, the folklore of the San Luis Valley and for continuing, willingly, to pose for us. Cheers Harold. Geraint

Harold Anderson, Jaroso, Colorado

Stone Church, Washing Machine, Outhouse

Stone Church, washing machine, adobe outhouse. On the road in eastern New Mexico. Sometimes it’s just about the discovery of something that’s there, bizarre as it is!

Stone Church

Rainbow Over Anthill

Rainbow over anthill in San Cristobal, NM. When I get down low enough I can see how even the smallest creatures get a view of a rainbow with the rest of us.


Santa Fe Architectural Detail

Santa Fe architectural detail. When on the town in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it’s not to difficult to find more than enough scenes to fill a camera’s memory card. In fact there are some wonderful details around every corner. Discerning which images to work with is another matter. In this case, I liked the simplicity of the composition, and discarded other, more cluttered and somewhat contrived variations. This image actually turned out to be one of the first couple of frames I made. Sometimes first impressions are the best. Thanks for looking. G