Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: October 2017

Down At The Basketball Court

Down at the basketball court. A reflection from the past (2004) and in the rain puddle at the local park. Delving into the photo archives I am always surprised to see the roads I’ve taken. The images are my journal where, upon review, the past enlightens my present, and inspires my future. Thanks for looking. G

Down At The Basketball Court in the park

Taos Junction On The Rio Grande

Taos Junction on the Rio Grande. Another beautiful day again today in northern New Mexico. This image made from the Taos Junction Bridge in the Orilla Verde RA in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, is one of my favorite locations. This location always continues inspire me when I pull over and park by the river. Fall is in full swing here in northern New Mexico. Drop in if you can, we’ll be glad to show you around and share this great part of the American southwest with you. Thanks for looking. G


Red Aspen Leaves Under The Tree

Red aspen leaves. I see it there, on the bench under the aspen tree, two leaves together. That’s fall after all. Thanks for looking. G


Crescent Moon Rise San Cristobal

Crescent Moon Rise over the Sangre de Cristo foothills, San Cristobal, New Mexico. I got up early to see the thinest sliver (1%) of a waning moon rise over the hills behind the house. It was still dark when I made this image and as the sun rose the crescent blended in to the light of day. It will return tomorrow as a “new moon”. I think I’ll sleep in. Thanks for looking. G

Crescent Moon Rise San Cristobal

Medano Creek Sunset Great Sand Dunes

Medano Creek sunset at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The last glow of sunlight on the sandy waves in the Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Medano Creek Sunset Great Sand Dunes

Exquisite Demise Of An Old Friend

Exquisite demise of an old friend. It felt sad when I saw that this building had collapsed. What can I say? I’ve photographed this place for almost fifteen years. I’ve had a sublime attraction to the place since the first time I saw it. I could never drive past it. I always had to stop in, and whether or not I would make an image depended on an unspoken mutual regard, much like making a portrait. When I visited last week on a photo tour, I knew I would return a few days later to pay my respects in a more fitting way and make, what for me would be, the ultimate farewell portrait. This view is only visible in it’s current state, never before. Thanks for looking. G



Here are portraits from past visits:

Red Barns Southern Colorado

Red Barns, Colorado. I like the juxtaposition of the roof lines and the negative space separating the buildings along with the expansive sky above. Here’s a winter image of these same barns in February 2013. Thanks for looking. G

red barns colorado

Lake, In The San Luis Valley, Colorado

Lake, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Blanca Peak range, in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of the southern Rockies, makes for a beautiful morning reflection in a small lake in Colorado on a three day photography workshop this week. Thanks for looking. G

Lake, In The San Luis Valley Colorado

“Saguache Crescent” Newspaper Offices

“Saguache Crescent” Newspaper Offices. Saguache, Colorado. On the road in Colorado for a three day photography workshop this week, I never know what we’ll find. This place was a great find! Loads of character and plenty of history, and a who’s who of those who’ve walked through this door and featured February 23, 2014 0n CBS News Sunday Morning. Thanks for looking. G


Morning Blue Taos Ski Valley

Morning blue, Taos Ski Valley. This location was cold and full of fall. This little embankment of grass seemed so delicate and soft and I thought of things to come, frigid temps, snow and ice. For a moment I felt warm and satisfied. Thanks for looking. G