Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Day: January 21, 2018

San Luis Valley, Winter Lake

San Luis Valley winter lake, Colorado. When the weather gets bad and blizzards are imminent, it’s time to get into the truck and head out. When we woke this morning and saw the snow and the forecast for the rest of the day, we wasted no time in loading up the gear and heading out … north. We ran into numerous blizzard conditions and loved every minute of the day. That white spot on the top left is the sun almost breaking through the clouds… and then it was gone. When we got home, and with a glass of whiskey in hand, the San Cristobal Valley melted under a glowing sunset, through the falling snow. Thanks for looking. G

San Luis Valley Lake

[wp_cart:San Luis Valley Winter Lake 8532-8536:price:[Available Sizes|9×19 inches $155,155|12×26 inches $235,235|16×35.5 inches $475,475]:end]