Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: June 2018

Truck Parts At The Overland Ranch

Truck parts at the Overland Ranch, El Prado NM. As some friend of mine (and you know who you are) termed images like this as “What the photo?”  I spotted this little vignette and even asked myself “what?” It took me a moment to see past the glare of the bright parts. Any quick guesses? Thanks for looking. G

Truck Parts At The Overland Ranch

Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Santa Rosa de Lima, on the banks of the Rio Chama in Abiquiu, NM. The adobe church was built in 1734, (it says on the sign) and is located just off the highway in the ghost town of Santa Rosa de Lima, about a mile south of Abiquiu. I’ve included some links below to a few more images. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon. Stepping stones of light through ancient doorways into the past. Standing here alone in a narrow room, when the ruins are void of everything but light and the sound of the wind is probably as close as I’ll get to the Chaco Canyon Culture. On a previous trip I’ve heard flute music played,  echoing around the three and four story high walls, weaving like the wind through the cracks and doorways… nothing compares to the virtual silence in this place. Thanks for looking. G

Pueblo Bonito Chaco Canyon

Ute Mountain From Wild Rivers Area

Ute Mountain from the Wild and Scenic Rivers Recreation Area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. An image made in April with a little dusting of snow on Ute Mountain. Thanks for looking. G


Orphan Mesa Ghost Ranch NM

Orphan Mesa in the red rock country of Ghost Ranch NM. A simple composition from last year. The waning light on the scene and the softness of the sky, a gentler aspect of the usually robust landscapes of the southwest. Thanks for looking. G

Orphan Mesa Ghost Ranch NM

Lama Road Fire Burn Area

Lama road (Old Highway 3) burn area from the Hondo Fire 1996. I wanted to share this image from the area north of San Cristobal, in order to show the damage done 22 years ago and how looks today. I made a series of very large panoramas depicting the regrowth in the burn area. I find the area hauntingly beautiful and I will share more images from this series. As you may have heard, the fire season is upon us, and here is a gentle reminder. Thanks for looking. G

lama road fire burn area

Abiquiu Adobe Ruin Window

Adobe ruin and window, in the village of Abiquiu, NM. I walk by this kind of scene and I just got to make an image. The rundown and decrepit bits of this state attract me constantly. The screen, flapping in the breeze, was the virtual nudge or tap on the shoulder. Thanks for looking. G

Abiquiu Adobe ruin window

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM. Not as large as some of the specimens seen whipping around the valleys and mesas. I have seen these entities adorned with scraps of paper, embedded with plastic grocery bags, water bottles and bits of sage brush. Around these parts they have been referred to, affectionately, as “mesa street sweepers”. Where one or more is gathered there will be others. Thanks for looking. G

Tumbleweed Corner, Estaca, NM

Blue Portal, San Francisco de Asis, Church

Blue portal with blue skies at the San Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos. People ask me all the time whether I get bored visiting the same locations. My answer, “No”. I always find something new and I get to share it with other photographers. And the other question… is the sky really that blue? “Yes!” It’s my pleasure to show new locations to visiting photographers and those I’ve made multiple trips with. Visiting previous locations multiple times almost always reveals new angles and vistas. Thanks for looking. G