Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: June 2019

Sky Bird Summer Storm

Sky bird, summer storm. It intrigues me the way birds in flight always seem to be on a mission. I wonder where they are going, when will they get there and what is it that’s waiting for them. Then I see them dumpster diving at the Taco Bell and my romantic notion is shattered. Thanks for looking. G

Sky Bird Summer Storm

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca, Georgia O’Keeffe’s “white place”. The apache plume, a native plant, is behaving a lot like an invasive species this year. I hope it takes over the terrain of invasive plants and continues to propagate and populate our landscape. Although there were other, more flamboyant and abundant apache plume bushes, I think this particular plant shows tenacity and hardiness ensconced, as it is, in a rock. Thanks for looking. G

Apache Plume, Plaza Blanca

Building Decor Abstract Composite

Building decor abstract composite, connecting Las Vegas and Mora, NM. I love shapes in architecture, design and decor. The buildings are in two different towns, however, the similarities are striking.  Thanks for looking G

Building Decor Abstract Composition

Washboard Glass Abstract

Washboard glass abstract. We dropped in at the Rough Riders Antiques in Las Vegas, NM to pick up a few items, namely, some chairs. Antiques and soft window light seem to work well in this image of a glass washboard. The folks at Rough Rider Antiques are delightful and knowledgeable in their stock-in-trade. Hey, Ron Richardson, thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for looking. G

Washboard glass abstract

Photography Tour Workshops

Photography tour workshops. A little shameless promotion, sharing these images of some of my wonderful clients working in the field. If you are thinking of joining me on a photo tour workshop, I have some dates open for July, August, September and through the rest of the year. I’m already booking trips for the coming winter and spring. Winter is one of my favorite times of year to spend in the field. Thanks for looking. G

Photography tour workshops

Piedra Lumbre, Clouds In Motion

Piedra Lumbre, clouds in motion. In the red rock country in Abiquiu, NM today, on a photo tour with my good friend Harold Hall. The clouds went whizzing bye “wheee…” enjoying the ride across the sky over Piedra Lumbre (shining rock from the Spanish). The day began early, warmed up quickly, and clouds filled in the blanks over the red rock formations. Thanks for looking. G

Piedra Lumbre, Clouds In Motion

Las Vegas, NM, Veiled Reflections

Las Vegas, NM, veiled reflections. There are photo opportunities galore on a morning walk around Las Vegas. Random vignettes, abstracts and street scenes await. The past also awaits, and if you go there, you’ll step right into it. Check out the Plaza Hotel and on the far end of town the newly renovated Hotel Castenada. In between a multitude of buildings, many on the National Register of Historic Places. Thanks for looking. G

Las Vegas NM, Veiled Reflections

Adobe Home, Magpie Nest, San Cristobal

Adobe home, magpie nest, San Cristobal. This incredible, intricately constructed nest is now a garden curio. The magpies will, no doubt, recycle the materials in to a new nest/adobe home construction next year. At least I hope so. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie nest, San Cristobal

Corral, Valle Vidal, NM

Corral, Valle Vidal, Valley of Life, in the high country of northern New Mexico. I can’t seem to stay away from this gorgeous, pristine spot on the planet, with many reasons to return over the next few months. I feel sure this old lichen strewn, wood corral will feature some more on future trips, so stay tuned. Thanks for looking. G

Corral, Valle Vidal, NM

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado

Street Music, Trinidad, Colorado. Found this wonderful art installation on a sidewalk during a photo trek to southern Colorado. I went for the direct approach, color, and contrast. I don’t think it had a tune left in it. It sure did liven up the street corner with a loud splash of color though. Happy Summer Solstice and thanks for looking. G