Photo of the Day Archive Index | 2005–2016

Photo of the Day Archive Index

Archive index. On September 9, 2005 I started posting a "photo of the day" to my website. Eleven years later on September 23, 2016 I began a new phase of my website continuing the "photo of the day" postings in a blog format. The first image in each case was a rainbow (I just now noticed this fact when writing these comments) ... this was unintentional but I like the significance of it. I've also added more ways to navigate around my site to see my work. By what ever means you discover my website, or on what page you land, please explore and enjoy my photography. Below are links to my original "Photo of the Day" website. All images are available as custom fine art prints.

Archive index 2011 photo of the day archive arroyo hondo, arroyo seco road winter snows
Archive index 2005 photo of the day archive rainbow el prado Taos new mexico