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Ah Shi Sle Pah, Petrified Wood Stump

Ah Shi Sle Pah Wilderness Study Area. Petrified wood stump in the Ah Shi Sle Pah, NM. This area is like a mini Bisti Badlands and the hike isn’t as far to the amazing geological features. Over the past 30 years I have made many trips to the Ah-shi-sle-pah area. In certain years I have spent whole weeks in there. We found a dinosaur skeleton once. Of course, we left it where we found it! If you’d like to arrange a trip here, let me know. Thanks for looking. G

Ah Shi Sle Pah, Petrified Wood Stump

Highway 64 New Mexico

Highway 64 near Hopewell Lake, New Mexico. It was -6°F this morning on the road to Ah-shi-sle-pah for a private two day photography adventure. The cold was too cold to get out. I wound down the window made a quick iPhone image, poured myself another cup of tea and headed off to meet my client. Stay tuned for up coming images from the trip.