Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Animals

Bighorn Sheep, Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico

Bighorn Sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge west of Taos, New Mexico. Sometimes they disappear far away into the canyon because they can. My photographer clients ask me, “where do they go?” to which I reply, “anywhere they want.” This one and a few others showed up just where we want them, on a rock! Thanks for looking. G


Wild Mustang On Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Wild mustang on Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado, with the Blanca Peak Range as a backdrop. Grateful to Judy Barnes of “Spirit of the Wild Horse”   Get in touch with me for a fun and insightful day photographing these wonderful bands of wild mustang in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Mustang On Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado

Mule Deer, Great Sand Dunes National Park And Preserve

Mule Deer, in the brush at the Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado. Moseying around, munching on the shrubs, doing what deer do, all the while being sweet creatures and a wonderful sight at the National Park when they pop up out of the rabbit brush as we drive by. Thanks for looking. G

Mule Deer, Great Sand Dunes NP.