Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Architecture

The Mansion, El Rito New Mexico

“The Mansion” in El Rito New Mexico. Well… that is what a longtime resident of El Rito told us it was commonly known as. We took him at his word. Thanks for looking. G

The Mansion El Rito

Wall Patina, Window Reflections

Wall patina, window reflections. When you see it you just have to make an image of it. It seems to be a work in progress, which might be finished on my next visit, or not! Thanks for looking. G


Walking Man In Color

Walking man in color, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was lining up this shot of color coated apartment buildings and fence boards, when this man walked through my shot with some apparent purpose, I know not what. When viewing the image later, I decided that I liked it a lot and added it to my “walking man” series. Thanks for looking. G


Santa Fe Architectural Detail

Santa Fe architectural detail. When on the town in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it’s not to difficult to find more than enough scenes to fill a camera’s memory card. In fact there are some wonderful details around every corner. Discerning which images to work with is another matter. In this case, I liked the simplicity of the composition, and discarded other, more cluttered and somewhat contrived variations. This image actually turned out to be one of the first couple of frames I made. Sometimes first impressions are the best. Thanks for looking. G


Church And Shadows, Albuquerque

San Felipe de Neri Church. I love finding views that I haven’t seen before like these balcony shadows  at the Catholic Church on Albuquerque Old Town Plaza.


Mountain Snows, San Luis, Colorado

Traveling through San Luis, (reputed to be the oldest town in Colorado) today, the shadows were spreading long as the sun set. I liked the juxtaposition of the school building and the mountains, glowing in the waning light.