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Aspen Glade, Hopewell Lake, New Mexico

Aspen glade near Hopewell Lake, New Mexico. Just off the highway and a short walk away was this beautiful aspen glade carpeted with the leaves that had fallen with many more to go. The golden aspens were creating their own magical light source and a perfect moment to spend time in a beautiful place. I think I’ll head out there again tomorrow. Thanks for looking. G

Aspen glade near Hopewell Lake, New Mexico.

Last Aspen Leaf Left On The Tree

Last aspen leaf… the very last aspen leaf a few days ago on the young aspen tree in the garden. Over the next few days we’ll been on the down slope to winter, with predicted  temperature drops, wind and snow. Time to go out shooting. The more weather the merrier. Thanks for looking. G

One Last Aspen Leaf

Last Leaves On The Aspen Tree

Last leaves to fall on the aspen tree. This was a couple of days ago here in the garden.  The snow took them shortly after I made this image. The last seven leaves on a young aspen in what turned out to be one of the most beautiful autumns I’ve ever seen in the thirty five years I’ve traveled and lived here. I hope yours was as gorgeous where you live. Thanks for looking. G

Last Leaves On The Aspen Tree

Hillside Aspens, Cumbres Pass

Hillside Aspens, Cumbres Pass, Colorado. It was great to see this grove of aspens at it’s peak a week ago, splendid against our stunning southwest sky. We went back a couple of days later when the leaves were more sparse. Conditions in the mountains change rapidly from day to day. Below you’ll find some links I pulled up from previous trips over the Cumbres Pass. Thanks for looking. G

Hillside Aspens, Cumbres Pass

Muted And Subtle Colors Of Fall

Muted and subtle colors of fall and moisture on the deck in San Cristobal, NM. The leaves… ash, aspen, locust, cottonwoods and apple are piling up and as the temperatures drop the vibrant colors turn cooler. Each morning is an affirmation of winter’s approach and a promise of springs rejuvenation. Yes I love the cool down and slow down at this time of year. Thanks for looking. G

Muted and Subtle Colors

Red Aspen Leaves Under The Tree

Red aspen leaves. I see it there, on the bench under the aspen tree, two leaves together. That’s fall after all. Thanks for looking. G