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Full Blossom, Flower Moon, Planting Moon

Full Blossom, Flower, Planting Moon setting, morning in San Cristobal, NM  I thought flower or planting moon was good enough until I saw the blossoms on the flowering crab apple. The moon was setting through the blossoms. Works for me. Blossom Moon! Thanks for looking. G

Full Blossom, Flower, Planting Moon.

Spring Blossoms, Downtown Taos, NM

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM. Spring is in full bloom and these trees in blossom are lining the streets, filling the gardens and orchards with color. We made a quick drive out today. I have to say it was a pristine spring day, one of the most glorious we’ve seen in a while. I hope your day was wonderful. Thanks for looking. G

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM.

Blossoms For Earth Day, San Cristobal

Blossoms for Earth Day, San Cristobal, NM. Blossoms for Earth Day, San Cristobal, NM. So I thought I’d post something pretty today for Earth Day, April 22, 2018. The trees are tempted to bust out even though the night time temps are still quite cool.

And a quote … Thanks for looking. G

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.  Anaïs Nin

Blossoms For Earth Day, San Cristobal

An Abundance Of Blossoms

The abundance of blossoms is over the top in our neighborhood this spring in the San Cristobal valley, NM


Crescent Moon And Blossoms

Crescent moon through blossoms. I love to line up the moon through the trees in the garden and watch it set across the Taos Plateau. Tonight was special as the crab apple tree had begun to blossom. What a difference a day makes from the cold rain yesterday. In this image you can see “earthshine” illuminating the rest of the moon that isn’t lit by the sun. Here is an image from May 12, 2009 of the full moon and blossoms. I think with all the warm weather the trees are blooming early this year. Thanks for looking.