Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Canyon Towhee, In The Garden San Cristobal


Canyon Towhee, in the garden, San Cristobal, NM. This Canyon Towhee shows up in the garden every spring. I don’t know where it goes to in the winter but just like clockwork it returns in late spring each year. It is the only one of the species I see here. On another note, there is a Townsend Solitaire who just returned to the garden this fall and calls out early every morning. We greet each other daily and it’s become a tradition. Thanks for looking. G

Canyon Towhee, in the garden San Cristobal, NM


Juvenile Canyon Towhee On The Feeder


Juvenile Canyon Towhee on the feeder in the garden, San Cristobal, NM. We have a family of Canyon Towhee’s that have returned for the last couple of years. It was nice to see them here in the valley again this year. They occupy the feeder with the Scrub Jays, the House Fiches, Evening Grosbeaks, Nuthatches, Crows and Magpies. We haven’t seen the Townsend Solitaires, Chickadees or Tanagers this year. Things change. Thanks for looking. G

Juvenile Canyon Towhee On The Feeder