Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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“Kilroy Was Here” Carson, New Mexico

“Kilroy Was Here” Carson, New Mexico. I like the surprise I get when I find out that Kilroy was already here. I remember seeing this first in 1970, in the movie “Kelly’s Heroes” with Clint Eastwood, that was set in WWII. This image is in the wild west. We all know Clint “is” the west and Kilroy will show up anywhere and always before you do. Here’s the scoop on Kilroy! Thanks for looking. G

"Kilroy Was Here" Carson, New Mexico

Moody Mesa Homestead, Carson, NM

Moody mesa homestead, Carson, New Mexico. Before the storm. Rural abandonment and decay, across the highway from the old school house/community center on the road to Ojo Caliente. I wonder if the power is still metered to the property. Thanks for looking. G

Moody Mesa Homestead

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico. “My kid could have done that!” … I’m sure some kid did do it. I really like it. I see it every time I pass through the village and it makes me smile. If you are driving through the area, stop in and play a game of skittles while you’re there. Thanks for looking. G

Road Side Art, Carson New Mexico

Desert Bowling Alley On The Mesa

Desert Bowling Alley. Or “Desert Bowl – great outdoor bowling in Carson New Mexico” … and to think… they are building a brand new bowling alley in Taos when we have this in our backyard. Thanks for looking. G

Desert Bowling Alley

Carson Ranch New Mexico

Carson Ranch, New Mexico. West of Taos, across the Rio Grande Gorge is the hamlet (village) of Carson. I’ve made a couple of trips out there over the past week, it feels like taking a few steps back in time to a bygone era. That seems to happen a lot in New Mexico. G

Carson Ranch new mexico

Target Practice New Mexico Style

Target practice, New Mexico style. The practice of shooting at road signs while driving by. This sign on the road from Pilar to Carson, has been replaced since I made this image. For now the new sign stands pristine, warning of the upcoming hairpin turn. Somewhere in my portfolio of images I have a whole series of road signs full of gunshot. I’ll let you know how this particular sign is doing when I drive by and shoot it next time. Thanks for looking. G