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Wonderful Winter In The Neighborhood. 12-27-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week winter in the neighborhood.

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week. I hope everyone got what they wanted. I didn’t want anything and got nothing, it made my day. I already have plenty. That said I am now the owner of two happy feet and have been able to drive a little. So, I drove around the neighborhood and got a few new shots to add to the archives.

Last Friday, I followed a fog bank that was building over the Rio Grande Gorge and came across this scene a little ways up the road in Cerro NM. There was just enough moisture in the fog and temperatures dropped to 26º F to cover the trees and willows in hoar frost that created this winter wonderland.

Hoar frost, winter in northern New Mexico
Hoar Frost, Cerro NM.

I was reminded of other years when the weather elements came together to create the following scenes.

Trees with in snow
Winter in Arroyo Seco, NM.

When I drove the “High Road to Taos” I felt like I was entering “Narnia”.

Winter on the High Road to Taos
On the High Road to Taos, NM.

Back to the present! This was the moon on the winter solstice last week. It stood out clearly against a beautiful blue sky revealing the detail of the craters.

Solstice moon from San Cristobal.
Solstice Moon.

The sunset on December 24, was fuzzy and warm. The outdoor temps were not!

Mountain sunset San Cristobal, NM.
Mountain Sunset San Cristobal, NM.

The view below embodied a feeling of warmth but it wasn’t. Temps dropped to 9º F last night. Of course, it was coldest before dawn so I slept in and missed the moon setting across the plateau.

December 25th Moonrise
December 25th Moonrise

As always, thank you for looking, Happy New Year, I hope it’s a good one. G

Pigeon Hole, Window, Color, Pink

Pigeon hole, window, color of the day, pink! You know where that pigeon is heading to hideout from the storm tonight, joining a few friends in this building on the road in Cerro, NM, “gateway” to the National Monument. Thanks for looking. G

Pigeon hole, window, color of the day, pink!

Snow Storm, Village Of Cerro, New Mexico

Snow storm, in the Village of Cerro, northern New Mexico. On the road to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument one passes through the village, or hamlet, of Cerro. The road meanders through fields, passing homes, farms, a sweet little church and a local cafe. I thought I’d post an image of things to come, in the region, weather wise, over the next few days. Thanks for looking. G

Snow storm, in the Village of Cerro, northern New Mexico.

Shadows, Cerro, New Mexico

Shadows, in the hamlet of Cerro, New Mexico. The little Catholic church (Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe) has a handrail, more than likely crafted by a local artist. We headed out to the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, that morning, for some landscape images. We ended up spending an hour working on images of this church. Thanks for looking. G

Shadows, Cerro, New Mexico

Red-Tailed Hawk Aloft

Red-Tailed Hawk aloft over Cerro New Mexico. On the way to a quick photo shoot near Ute Mountain, I caught this beautiful raptor out the car window. I’m convinced it knows my maroon 4 Runner as it has a knack for taking off, from it’s perch, when it sees me long before I pull over. In this case it flew in my direction right past my open window. Thanks for looking. G

Red-Tailed Hawk Aloft