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Bison, Philmont Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico

Bison at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico. When I spotted this bison I wanted to accentuate the lonely, solitary feeling it portrayed, using an antique filter. I thought it conjured up an image of the loss of millions upon millions of these stunning and majestic animals. I used three images to create this old glass plate look. The first of the bison, the second, an overlay color and third, a dirty window from an abandoned cabin I found. Thanks for looking. G

Bison, Philmont Ranch, New Mexico

Bison Cow And Calf Colfax, NM

Bison cow and calf, today in Colfax, NM. Traffic stops are frequent and annoying but when you spot a Bison and her calf being rounded up and corralled by a cowboy on an ATV, you don’t mind the waiting until the way is clear. It was one of the highlights on today’s photo tour “Where The Rockies Meet The Plains”. We also saw and photographed, American White Pelicans, Horses, Prairie Dogs behaving with reckless abandon, Pronghorn, Raptors, Geese, Cowbirds, Bluebirds, Kingbirds, Great Pyrenees Sheep Dogs, Western Meadowlarks, Turkey Vultures everywhere, tidying up, a Golden Eagle, the biggest Raven I have ever seen, Bighorn Sheep and… four Camels!!! All of the above against a backdrop of the plains, the mountains and massive thunderstorm clouds. Not a bad day for image making. Thanks for looking. G

Bison Cow and Calf, Colfax, NM

Cimarron Plains, Northeastern New Mexico

Cimarron plains in northeastern New Mexico. Cimarron the town with the motto, “Where the Rockies meet the Plains”. And they do, as far as the eyes can see, all the way to Kansas and beyond. There are a few old volcanoes off in the distance, on the horizon including Capulin Volcano National Monument just to the right of center, but that’s about it. Thanks for looking. G

Cimarron Plains, Northeastern New Mexico

On The Plains, Eastern New Mexico

On the plains, Eastern New Mexico. Photographing landscapes out here in this sparsely peopled region, would benefit from a little vernacular architecture, but only a little, in order to balance the shot. Lacking that, a tree and a distant peak will suffice. The skies go on forever and are constantly morphing before the eyes. I think I have spent past life times, if there is such a thing, on the plains. It all feels so very familiar. Thanks for looking. G

On The Plains, Eastern New Mexico


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On The Plains, Cimarron, New Mexico

Where the Rockies meet the Plains, Cimarron, New Mexico. I love watching the clouds and shadows roll across the plains. This image, from early February, was made on a warm winter day, that, thirty minutes later became a minor blizzard as we returned to Taos over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Thanks for looking. G

On the Plains, Cimarron, New Mexico,

Moonrise, Cimarron River, NM

Moonrise Cimarron River, where the Rockies meet the plains. This from spring 2007 at the St James Hotel Cimarron, NM.

moonrise cimarron river new mexico