Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Cottonwoods

Mountain Meadow Cottonwood, Taos NM

Mountain meadow cottonwood, Taos NM. Here is a tree, with an arrow on Highway 64 to get your attention in case you didn’t see it. We stopped here today to make some images of this young cottonwood. I’ve been watching it for the last week. Today, it was really glowing with the mountain meadow as a backdrop. This was the second stop on a two day mini photography workshop. I love what I do, I’m very fortunate and grateful. Thanks for looking. G

Mountain Meadow Cottonwood, Taos NM

Baca Park Wetlands Taos NM

Baca Park wetlands nature trail, Taos NM. The soft colors of November, fallen leaves, carpeting the trails through red willows, and cottonwood trees, with the aroma of wet sage brush and the soft sounds of fall rising throughout the valley. Thanks for looking. G

Baca park wetlands and nature trail Taos NM

Bosque Del Apache Reflections

Bosque del Apache reflections, San Antonio, NM. As the marshes fill and the cottonwood leaves succumb to the cold nights, the National Wildlife Refuge, becomes that “a refuge”. In a way it becomes a refuge for all who visit, wildlife and us humans. We certainly felt it this week in the Bosque del Apache, NWR. Thanks for looking. G


Muted And Subtle Colors Of Fall

Muted and subtle colors of fall and moisture on the deck in San Cristobal, NM. The leaves… ash, aspen, locust, cottonwoods and apple are piling up and as the temperatures drop the vibrant colors turn cooler. Each morning is an affirmation of winter’s approach and a promise of springs rejuvenation. Yes I love the cool down and slow down at this time of year. Thanks for looking. G

Muted and Subtle Colors

Red Willow, Cottonwoods

In the meadows flanking Taos Mountain and girding the Taos Pueblo, the sunsets create a fiery glow on the red willows, warming up the cold, early winter evenings.