Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Illumination Bus, Taos, New Mexico


Illumination bus, Taos, New Mexico. Years ago this bus pulled into town. I have no idea who they are or what they represent. I liked the layer of snow on top and the cascading window fringes, the color scheme and the smiling, happy figures. I think the cross just happened to be there and these folks in the bus landed the from another planet. Thanks for looking. G

Illumination Bus, Taos, New Mexico

Mission Church of Santo Tomas, Abiquiu, NM


Clouds over the Mission Church of Santo Tomas in the mesa top Pueblo of Abiquiu, New Mexico. I made this image four years ago on a photo tour to Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch and the Chama River Valley and many other locations on the road getting there. The sky on the particular summer afternoon was broken up by these wonderful cloud formations which appear to be whipped up by the very large cross. Thanks for looking. G

church of Santo Tomas Saint Thomas abiquiu, new mexico