Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky

Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky. The chapel of Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos Talpa, New Mexico. Thirty five years ago I used to live very near to this chapel and was able to hear the bell ring for various masses and feast days. I heard similar sounding bells in many small European villages. We are not that distant from our cousins, I can hear it in the bells. Tomorrow I’m heading up the high road to Taos. A photo tour trip on the high road was guaranteed at least 6 times a month before Covid 19. Tomorrow will be my first trip on the high road since the first week of March this year. I’m looking forward to slightly cooler temperatures and fresh mountain air. I’ll drop in at this location for old times sake. Thank you for looking. G

Talpa Chapel, Black Cross, Clouds, Sky

La Capilla De Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, NM

La Capilla De Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, Llano Quemado, Taos, NM. Last light fading on this iconic chapel lights up the belfry and cross. It is a beautiful piece of New Mexico architecture, representing a culture that extends back before the pilgrims landed. There’s the church of San Miguel in Santa Fe, seventy miles south of Taos, with the date of 1610 carved in a ceiling beam. Thanks for looking. G

La Capilla De Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, NM

Santa Teresita De Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM

Santa Teresita de Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM. Driving by a few weeks ago, I just had to pull over and snap this image. Here’s another image I made in the winter of 1989 that I posted it on my website on a winter’s day in March 2007 and funnily enough it looked like this today when the clouds lifted off the mountain. Bright white snow covered peaks. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Teresita de Jesus Chapel, El prado, NM

White Cross, Shadows, Saint Francis Church

White cross and shadows at the Saint Francis Church, in Ranchos de Taos. If you’ve downloaded my July Journal of Photography then you will be familiar with this image. It’s a photo from many years ago that had eluded me until the last few weeks. I like the simplicity of much of the architecture I find here in New Mexico. If I never leave this state, I doubt I’d ever run out of subject matter. Thanks for looking. G

White Cross Saint Francis Church

Adobe Walls La Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu

Adobe walls, La Santa Rosa de Lima on the banks of the Rio Chama, Abiquiu. Someone, during the last week or so, had reassembled the rotting old wood cross that was replaced a few years ago and left laying in the cholla cactus near by. Yesterday we met a lady, a member of the parish, who had planted young rose bushes. There are bottles of water stored next to the building, labeled, “Please use to water rose bushes”. I told her I would water them when I visit again next week. She was grateful. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe walls, la santa rosa de lima, abiquiu NM

Here are a couple of images made on previous visits.

Cactus Cross

La Santa Rosa de Lima, sky and cross

Chapel And Cross, San Ysidro NM

Chapel and cross, San Ysidro, NM, with Avanyu sea serpent cloud, sailing merrily along in our gorgeous New Mexico skies. Here is an image of an Avanyu petroglyph in the Rio Grande Gorge. If you want to read more about this symbol, visit the links below. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for looking and enjoy. G

Chapel And Cross, San Ysidro NM