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Abiquiu, Landscape, Desert Monastery Road

Abiquiu landscape from the Desert Monastery Road. Out in Georgia O’Keeffe country. Not really hers, but she bandied it around in her paintings, and you can see her former home if you stand on the slope to the right. It’s beautiful country, no wonder she settled here and made the land and nature the focus of her amazing work. Thanks for looking. G

Abiquiu, landscape Desert Monastery road

Cliffs Along The Rio Chama

Cliffs along the Rio Chama on the road to the Desert Monastery. For sure the tree adds a little scale. In color these cliffs are hues of honey, rosy pinks and rusty browns. There’s a wonderful old “David Bramley” windmill behind where I’m standing. Below are some links to other images in the area. Thanks for looking. G

Cliffs Along The Rio Chama

Desert Monastery Road Abiquiu, NM

Desert Monastery Road Abiquiu, NM. A scene on the road to Christ in the Desert Monastery with a view to Cerro Pedernal, Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain. Going through the archives again I pulled this one from 2005. I like the feeling of solitude and space. The tree is no longer there and the road has been graded and improved much since then. One thing hasn’t changed. It’s still a great, off the beaten path, road trip. Thanks for looking. G