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Rust On Rust, Dodge Truck, Utah

Rust on rust, on more rust, on a Dodge truck in Bluff, Utah. I’ve made many trips to Bluff over the years. This rusting old Dodge truck has already outlived me. If my memory serves me right, it was there in 1986 on my first visit. This was in May, 2019 and it’s holding up well. Thanks for looking. G

Rust On Rust On Dodge Truck, Utah

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Dodge truck, “Job Rated” near Twin Rocks in Bluff, Utah. The rain can make the colors pop and they did on this old Dodge. Date anyone? On a photo tour around the Four Corners. It’s been a trip! Thanks for looking. G

Dodge Truck, Bluff, Utah

Hood Ornament Dodge Truck

Hood ornament on a Dodge “Job Rated” Truck. We love these old trucks and cars left in fields, abandoned on verges or in roadside hedgerows, parked in front yards and on occasion in found in arroyos and ravines. Now homes to varmints and hornets, they still romanticize a fascination with a bygone era. Thanks for looking. G

Hood Ornament Dodge Truck

Dodge Truck, El Prado

Dodge truck parked, with no plans of travel this holiday weekend or any future weekends for that matter. That’s great ’cause it’s a fun location, subject and photo op. Had a great photo tour today at the St. Francis church, El Prado for these trucks, the cascading creeks and waterfalls in the Taos Ski Valley, ending at the high bridge and the Rio Grande Gorge. Happy 4th of July. Thanks for looking. G