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Tag: Downtown Taos

Downtown Taos, La Fonda Hotel, Shadows

Downtown Taos, La Fonda Hotel, Shadows. Stopped in Taos Plaza this morning for a drive by shooting. Had to get out of the car for this one! New Mexico lends itself to images of architecture and early morning shadows. I’m not always up so early but when I am I like to cruise the empty streets for this type of shot. Of course, the sun was well and truly up before me! Thanks for looking. G

Downtown Taos, La Fonda Hotel, Shadows.

Taos Plaza Windows, Sky Above

Taos plaza windows and the sky above, just for the heck of it. I think I liked the squiggles on the window panes and the squiggly cloud. Yes that’s it! That’s what I like! Thanks for looking. G

Taos Plaza Windows Sky

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Window light, shadows, in a downtown Taos store. One light source (sun) reflecting off three car windshields in the parking lot. Thanks for looking. G

Window Light, Shadows, Downtown Taos

Nature, Downtown Taos, NM

Nature, downtown Taos, NM. It’s probably a weed but possibly a wild rose bush plant but don’t quote me on that. It was growing in a crack between the sidewalk and the wall, pushing up the concrete for all it’s worth where urban nature thrives. Thanks for looking. G

Nature, Downtown Taos, NM

Jemez Mountains, Cerro Pedernal Sunset

Jemez Mountains and Cerro Pedernal sunset from Taos, New Mexico. Heading into the grocery store delayed for a few moments. Taking the time to watch this view to the south west of the of the sunset and Jemez Mountains/Caldera and Cerro Pedernal near Abiquiu, NM. A very nice appetizer to dinner this evening. Thanks for looking. G

Jemez Mountains, Cerro Pedernal Sunset

Early Morning Shadows, Downtown Taos

Early morning shadows on the adobe buildings in downtown Taos, accented with the ubiquitous blue trimmed window. Nothing like adobe buildings in the early morning, high desert light, to inspire an image. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Shadows, Downtown Taos