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Tucumcari, Church Window

Tucumcari NM, Church Window, the center window in a photograph I posted a couple of years ago. It struck me that a closer crop had more detail of the varied glass panels, with the broken pane revealing the window in the opposite wall. Thanks for looking. G

Tucumcari NM, Church Window

Interstate 25, Diversions, New Mexico

Interstate 25, diversions, on frontage roads in New Mexico. We pulled off the Interstate onto frontage roads for access to icons from bygone days. This structure south of Raton, NM was surrounded by retired mobile homes. Nearby was a campground with a large mural of Guadalupe. I think the bars on these windows are more for decoration. The building itself looks like it could be opened with a can opener. Thanks for looking. G

Interstate 25, Sights, New Mexico

The Plains, Miami, Eastern New Mexico

Miami on the plains, Eastern New Mexico. Lone tree and an incoming storm out on the plains near Miami, New Mexico, out where one can see forever. One of the comments I get from visitors, “I can’t see this far where I live,” they tell me. The plains, here, are one of my favorite locations for stark minimal landscapes. Thanks for looking. G

The Plains, Miami, Eastern New Mexico

The Plains near Cimarron, NM

South of Ocate, NM


On The Plains, Eastern New Mexico

On the plains, Eastern New Mexico. Photographing landscapes out here in this sparsely peopled region, would benefit from a little vernacular architecture, but only a little, in order to balance the shot. Lacking that, a tree and a distant peak will suffice. The skies go on forever and are constantly morphing before the eyes. I think I have spent past life times, if there is such a thing, on the plains. It all feels so very familiar. Thanks for looking. G

On The Plains, Eastern New Mexico


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Old New Mexico Shattered Wall With Tin

Old New Mexico shattered wall with tin. I’ll always stop for an image like this. Sometimes the whole building is worthy of a shot, more often than not the image is in the details. Abandoned buildings are a magnet for me, where ever I go. I mean, look at that crack, how could I resist. Thanks for looking. G

Old New Mexico Wall With Tin

Villanueva, Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our lady of Guadalupe Church, Villanueva, New Mexico. On assignment this week in Villanueva, we met some wonderful people, making new friends. Those we met in this small town, southeast of Santa Fe, will restore your faith in humanity. I love my job. Thanks for looking. G


Tucumcari Windows, A Photography Adventure

Tucumcari Windows. Tucumcari, NM. On the road this last spring, my friend and photographer, Ron Richardson and I hit the road for a week in northeastern and central New Mexico to see what we could find. Well, there were more photo opportunities than we could ever imagine. Here is one of the places in Tucumcari we visited, which after we discovered it, we could hardly prevent the creating process from snowballing along. I have five or six dozen compositions and angles from this one location. I particularly like this one, with the balance of three windows and three buttresses; I like how the handrail creates a diagonal intersect in the scene. The window in the center with the broken pane, features prominently in other images I made that day. In this photograph the broken pane is a surprise, revealing the interior view of the far side window. One of the things that impressed me most about the cities, towns and villages we traveled to, is just how amazingly thriving they must have been in their heyday. I think I can take the liberty to speak for both Ron and myself, when I say, that the places we visited on this week long photography adventure were one of many heydays! Thanks for looking. G


Stone Church, Washing Machine, Outhouse

Stone Church, washing machine, adobe outhouse. On the road in eastern New Mexico. Sometimes it’s just about the discovery of something that’s there, bizarre as it is!

Stone Church