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Fall Equinox Crescent Moon

Fall Equinox Crescent Moon this evening from San Cristobal, NM. A momentary break in the clouds following the sunset this evening, revealed a beautiful sliver of a moon, and then it was gone. At least in the view from our garden. Thanks for looking. G

Fall Equinox Crescent Moon

La Luna Rising Over The Sangre De Cristos

La Luna rising over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains tonight. Some folks think that some kind of warm colored moon at this time of year makes it the”Harvest Moon”. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. The color of the moon is insignificant to the fact that it is a “Harvest Moon”. The closest full moon to the fall equinox is the “Harvest Moon”. Ergo, the fall equinox is on or around September 22nd, the October 5 full moon will be the official “Harvest Moon”. That said, EarthSkyNews posted this today regarding tonights moon. Thanks for looking. G