Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Farmers Market

Carrot, Taos Plaza, Farmers Market

Carrot at the Taos Plaza Farmers Market. Something fun and timely as our farmers market is opening this coming weekend. I doubt there will be carrots for sale just yet and I doubt I will be there either. But, we do have plenty of carrots and celery for juicing at home in the pantry. Thanks for looking. G

Carrot at the Taos Plaza, Farmers Market.

Musician, Taos Farmers Market

Musician, Taos Farmers Market. Not sure if he still frequents the Saturday farmers market on Taos Plaza, but this musician and a compadre on accordion, used to sing and play their hearts out serenading shoppers. The expression on his face makes me think he really loves the music he plays and entertaining people. I know I liked photographing and listening to them both. Thanks for looking. G

Musician, Taos Farmers Market.