Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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White House From The Potato Bunker

White house from the potato bunker. The old homestead ruin from inside the abandoned potato bunker. The shadows are incredible, every which way one looks. This was yesterday. Today the shadows were stark and heavy, the sun only cracking through from the eastern side. One of these days I’m going to meet some one who knows the history of this place and the white house, former home. Until then we’ll wander among the shadows, the bird nests, and the light that illuminates the nooks and crannies, deciphering what we can from the past. Thanks for looking. G

White House From The Potato Bunker

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley. Fascinated with these abandoned utilities from a bygone era, I keep returning to spend time amongst the ghosts that inhabit it. A place where the ghosts are stirred only by the wind, an occasional barn owl, the coyote that lives in the den in the corner, and all wrapped up in moments of sheer silence. Cattle tend to frequent other ruins in the area where the roofs are intact. In this place, at some point in time, someone moved in some easy chairs, a sofa and school chairs. The valley is full of rustic remnants from the past, like this one, many collapsing in on themselves. If this is the kind of subject matter that interests you, join me on a photo tour/workshop. These old buildings also happen to be set in some of the most beautiful landscape in the region.  Thanks for looking. G

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Winter field at the red barn, on a photo tour today in the San Luis Valley. This is the sun faded windward side of the barn, not so red anymore. The leeward side still retains its red patina of peeling paint. The temperature said 22 degrees fahrenheit. The windchill was at least 20 degrees lower. The weather made for some stunning imagery despite the cold temperatures. Join me on a photo tour/workshop. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Winter Light, Hay Bales, Snow

Winter light, on the hay bales, capped with snow. Another fabulous day in the richly diverse San Luis Valley of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The winter light really sets this valley off, with farms, fields, abandoned homesteads, raptors and wildlife. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Light, Hay Bales, Snow

High Desert Farming, Colorado

High desert farming in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Center pivot irrigation fields dissect the space between earth and sky. They are a stark contrast between the subtle fall colors of the high desert landscape and circular fields. Thanks for looking. G


Ute Mountain Field, Colorado

Ute Mountain field and pivot irrigator. I’m told it’s a field of the lowly canola oil plant, rapeseed! Ok … it was still a bright, sight of a surprise to encounter in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The horizon and hedgerows held back this surprise view until we made a left turn at a four way stop intersection, headed east toward the Sangre de Cristos mountains, to a point where the road rose slightly revealing, Ute Mountain, the pivot irrigator and the field. Surprises every where out there. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain Field

Hay Bales, A Graphic Composition, Colorado

Hay Bales, a graphic composition in Colorado. Sometimes it’s because I like the graphic nature of the scene, like this one. Thanks for looking. G

Hay Bales Colorado

Potato Cellar, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Potato Cellar, San Luis Valley, Colorado. When I came across the abandoned cellar I saw many angles and compositions, but the one that struck me the most was the burlap potato sacks left hanging over a wire. Out of all the remnants left behind in this place these were the only objects that represented, singularly and collectively, the sole nature of this place. There were many more objects that informed me a little about the original purpose of the potato cellar, but these burlap sacks left me knowing it’s exact purpose. Upon encountering this grouping I made a picture which conjured up an image of the last person to leave, the one who hung them over the wire and walked away. Thanks for looking. G


Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator, Fort Garland, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. When driving around the west, on the lookout for jaw dropping scenes to photograph, and add to the portfolio, sometimes I stop for an image that just happens to be there. In fact, when I look back through the years I find that I stop for a lot of images that “just happen to be there.” Over all the miles I’ve traveled, these images fill in the blanks, and connect the dots on the map I’ve created over the years. Thanks for looking, G.