Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Bus Bench, Trash Cans, Windows, Farmington, NM

Bus bench, trash cans, windows, Farmington, NM. Drive by shootings of building façades from the highways and byways in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, continued. I do believe that the trash can on the left is for cigarettes and the bus bench is for butts! Sorry I couldn’t resist! Thanks for looking. G

Bus Bench, Trash Cans, Windows, Farmington, NM

Bus Bench And Wall, Farmington, NM

Bus bench and wall, Farmington, NM. I know there is a bus service in Farmington and I know there are a number of these benches around with matching trash cans. I didn’t see a bus stop sign here, so I figured the bench was ‘the’ sign. It got my attention and I liked all the linear visuals going on. Thanks for looking. G

Bus bench and building Farmington New Mexico

Another bench under different circumstances. Something we’d like to see a lot more of around here in northern New Mexico very soon!

Window Dressing, Farmington, NM

Window dressing, Farmington, NM. Sometimes it’s for the fun of it. Bobbing smiley faces traversing a window in Farmington. Many photo ops of fun things in this northeastern New Mexico city. Thanks for looking. G