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San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black And White

San Luis Valley, the red barn in black and white with a magnificent sky. Another great day out today, in and around the SLV (as it’s known locally), shooting video for a future project. I’ll let you know how it turns out. When it is done you’ll see it here. Thank you as always for checking in, looking and for all the comments and compliments. G

San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black and White

Red Barn, Revisiting, Under Rain Clouds

Red Barn. Revisiting this favorite old barn in the San Luis Valley to continue documenting it’s demise, this time under threatening rain clouds. It rained heavily, shortly after this shot, which sent me ducking quickly back into the car. It then snowed for a while on the way home. Not too bad a day, though, despite the weather on the road in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

red barn colorado A7R 2979 7547632

Red Barn, Hole In The Roof Sunset

Red Barn, hole in the roof sunset, San Luis Valley, Colorado. I haven’t been to visit the red barn in a while, just north of Ute Mountain, there on the left. The wind can be brutal in this area with many bits of the barn scattered around the perimeter. There are more and more openings in this old building, perfectly positioned, for the sun to peer through before setting across the plateau. Thanks for looking. G

Red Barn, hole in the roof sunset.

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Winter field at the red barn, on a photo tour today in the San Luis Valley. This is the sun faded windward side of the barn, not so red anymore. The leeward side still retains its red patina of peeling paint. The temperature said 22 degrees fahrenheit. The windchill was at least 20 degrees lower. The weather made for some stunning imagery despite the cold temperatures. Join me on a photo tour/workshop. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Red Barns Southern Colorado

Red Barns, Colorado. I like the juxtaposition of the roof lines and the negative space separating the buildings along with the expansive sky above. Here’s a winter image of these same barns in February 2013. Thanks for looking. G

red barns colorado

Ute Mountain Field, Colorado

Ute Mountain field and pivot irrigator. I’m told it’s a field of the lowly canola oil plant, rapeseed! Ok … it was still a bright, sight of a surprise to encounter in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The horizon and hedgerows held back this surprise view until we made a left turn at a four way stop intersection, headed east toward the Sangre de Cristos mountains, to a point where the road rose slightly revealing, Ute Mountain, the pivot irrigator and the field. Surprises every where out there. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain Field

Hay Bales, A Graphic Composition, Colorado

Hay Bales, a graphic composition in Colorado. Sometimes it’s because I like the graphic nature of the scene, like this one. Thanks for looking. G

Hay Bales Colorado

Harold Anderson, Jaroso, Colorado

Harold Anderson. The inimitable, gracious… and, as gentlemanly as they come, Harold Anderson of Jaroso, Colorado. Thank you Harold for your generosity in allowing us access to your farm for photography. For regaling us with innumerable stories, the folklore of the San Luis Valley and for continuing, willingly, to pose for us. Cheers Harold. Geraint

Harold Anderson, Jaroso, Colorado

The Red Barn Revisited

The red barn revisited. This lovely barn, ensconced at the edge of a very large circular crop of potatoes, in the farming region of the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, is a scene characteristic of countless rural areas across the globe.

As cultures, we share so many similarities. And as cultures we have so many differences that can separate us.

Yesterday three people from different walks of life met up to spend a day in the field photographing. Throughout the day, we reveled in the surrounding beauty of the landscapes, skies and architecture. Expressed multiple, diverse viewpoints, shared ideas, and created a variety of images based on personal views and experiences cultivated in life. Whether standing side by side, or exploring individual interpretations of a scene, we were constantly amazed at how much the solitary experience was enhanced by the collective view.  That said, no two images created were alike. At the end of the day we parted ways richer for the camaraderie we shared in and through photography. Thanks for looking. G

The Red Barn Revisited