Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Fields

Horned Lark, Capulin, Colorado.

Horned Lark, on a fence post in the village of Capulin, Colorado. I did get a close up of this little fellow, but I prefer this image which is how he looked when I first caught a glimpse as we drove past. Here’s a close up of a Horned Lark from last year in the snow. They usually flock in the thousands, foraging around the roadsides and fields. This one was on it’s own and he didn’t seem to mind. Thanks for looking. G

Horned Lark, Capulin, Colorado.

Remnants Of Summer, San Cristobal

Remnants of Summer, San Cristobal. The Yerba de la Negrita plants were abundant here in our field, around Taos County and throughout northern New Mexico this summer. I made this composition in the field as it passed through fall blending into the desiccating throes of winter. Thanks for looking. G

Remnants of Summer, San Cristobal.

Rainbow Rain San Cristobal

Rainbow rain, San Cristobal. It was a true ground soaker day of rain yesterday. The sun vanished about 2pm and didn’t return until this moment around 8pm. The air and ground and grasses where pristine following the rain. My car is also nice and clean! Thanks for looking. G

Rainbow Rain San Cristobal

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Winter field at the red barn, on a photo tour today in the San Luis Valley. This is the sun faded windward side of the barn, not so red anymore. The leeward side still retains its red patina of peeling paint. The temperature said 22 degrees fahrenheit. The windchill was at least 20 degrees lower. The weather made for some stunning imagery despite the cold temperatures. Join me on a photo tour/workshop. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Field, San Luis Valley

Homestead Meadow, New Mexico

Homestead meadow, on the road to Mora, New Mexico. This trip around the block turned into exclamations of “ahh”, “oh my”, “did you see that?” one after another.
“Around the block” might literally be a trip around the neighborhood. It may take an hour or two! On the other hand it may be a day trip or a trip lasting a number of days. No matter it’s length, it is a trip which brings us back home all the richer for the adventure and places we’ve explored, the people we met and locations we experienced. This day was just that. We savored each moment and returned home fulfilled and content. Thanks for looking. G 


A Field Of Green In Northern New Mexico

A field of green and a stand of trees in northern New Mexico. It was so lush and green on this road trip I thought I’d crossed the mill pond and arrived in “jolly old” … (England). G


Ploughed Fields And Blanca Peak

Ploughed fields in the San Luis Valley. Center pivot irrigator, and beyond spring snow pack on 14,000 foot Blanca Peak along with the Crestone Peaks of the southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado.