Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

GMC Truck, Overland Ranch, Taos, New Mexico


GMC Truck at the Overland Ranch compound, Taos, New Mexico. No truck is an island unto itself! This familiar location with a backdrop of Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak), always inspires a photo. I made a quick stop in here as the snow receded, it left the truck looking like it was washed ashore and stranded. Thanks for looking. G

GMC Truck, Overland Ranch, Taos, New Mexico

Shapes And Colors, GMC Truck


Shapes and colors, GMC truck, Overland Ranch, Taos New Mexico. Spent sometime here on a photo tour yesterday. I made some cell phone snaps and some abstract studies. I have a notion to return with the big camera and make some extremely large images of small details in the many shapes. I’ve investigated this and numerous other classic trucks and autos, it’s about time to do it. I’m going to check out the harvest moon rise this evening, as I’ve done for many years. Here’s last years image and one from October 7, 2006.  Thanks for looking. G

Shapes and colors, GMC truck

GMC Truck Overland Ranch, Taos, NM


GMC truck on a cold and frosty fall morning at the Overland Ranch in Taos, NM. The sun busts over the Sangre de Cristo foothills filling the cab of this truck and cottonwood trees with light. The frost on the hood melted away before my eyes and the ghost of the steering wheel beckoned me to take a drive. Thanks for looking. G

GMC Truck Overland Ranch, Taos, NM

GMC Truck Cab Shadows


GMC truck cab shadows, in El Prado New Mexico. Over the years, these trucks have provided loads of photo ops for many photographers and there’s always a new angle if one looks for it. Sadly their demise has been advanced by the proliferation of bombardments of rocks. Still… it will make for plenty more photo ops. The hornets are guaranteed a home for many years more. Thanks for looking. G

GMC truck cab shadows