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Random Images From Scotland. 04-12-2023

Greetings from the San Cristobal, NM. and beyond from Scotland.

Over the years, distant memories travel to the forefront of my mind’s eye. I’m prompted to look up the pictures to support my memories. I like to gratify my remembrances by reliving the trips I made. One of these days, I’ll load up the scanner with slides from trips before the digital era and post them here.

For now, I’ll settle for the images below from Scotland. I hope you enjoy them.

We arrived at Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland after sunset. The castle was glowing in evening splendor, so we found a vantage point where I could put the camera on a bean bag on a post for a twenty-second exposure. The mist gave the scene a look of mystery. Overall, I was pleased with the shot.

Eilean Donan Castle Scotland
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

The next day the weather was expected and familiar. Overcast and drizzling.

Rainy day at Eilean Donan Castle
Rainy day at Eilean Donan Castle.

Driving through Glencoe, we pulled over to enjoy the waning light on the landscape. As we returned to the car, Pami and I looked up and exclaimed in unison, “Oh, look!” There was a red stag watching us. He had probably been watching us for the time we were watching the light fade. I made the picture of the red stag in almost darkness, but the image of it standing there stock steady, with us locked in its gaze, is magnified and emblazoned on our hearts and minds forever.

Red stag, Glencoe, Scotland
Red stag, Glencoe.

This tree has grown in notoriety over the years. It appears to be growing out of the rock. A closer look revealed that the tree was growing down through a crack, its roots spread out under the rock. Perhaps a symbol of the tenacity and spirit of the people of Scotland.

Tree growing out of a rock Scotland
A tree growing out of a rock, in the highlands.

The moisture on the lichen made for marvelous patterns. We could have taken many photos of grave markers and rock walls all day. I think we did!

Lichen on Celtic Cross
Lichen on a Celtic Cross.

I had always wanted to visit Glenfinnan and see the viaduct. You may recognize it from the Harry Potter films and numerous other movies. We waited a while for the train to arrive and cross the viaduct. It began to rain, of course! I liked the mood the weather created, and the locomotive was in full steam. If you get a chance to visit Glenfinnan, there is more to amaze in the area than just seeing the train.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland
Glenfinnan Viaduct.

We visited many more places on our three-week trip. The Isle of Skye was another highlight. I hope you enjoyed this quick visit.

As always thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

Highlands Of Scotland Tree

Highlands of Scotland, tree, where there are no trees, and seemingly growing out of a rock. Flashback fall to 2013 in the Scottish Highlands. Thanks for looking and a happy thanksgiving. G


Here’s a few images from our last trip to Scotland.

And here is the same tree from the view we first saw.

The Irish Sea

The Irish Sea from the coast of north Wales. I spent a year here in 1974-75 when I ocean kayaked, fished for Mackerel, which meant delicious fish suppers. I spent many hours dreaming on long beach walks. Three years later I walked off a plane in Los Angeles. Thanks for looking. G