Tall Aspens, Italianos Trail, Columbine Hondo Wilderness

Tall Aspens, Italianos Trail, Columbine Hondo Wilderness. It’s looking quite gorgeous in the mountains of northern New Mexico. I made a short hike up here yesterday with my son. It was a beautiful morning hike in cool temperatures, under crystal clear blue skies. The tall aspens we are standing under has it’s own very unique quality of light. I never knew this phenomenon until I moved to New Mexico and stood in a grove like this one. Thanks for looking. G

Tall Aspens, Italianos Trail, Taos Ski Valley

A few more images from fall in northern New Mexico.






Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen

Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen in the Columbine Hondo Wilderness. The leaf had landed here, or someone had placed it here, it doesn’t matter. When my son and I hiked here yesterday we saw many reminders that fall is on it’s way. Last week in southern Colorado we saw numerous groves of aspen, high up, starting to catch on a different kind of fire. I have a few days open if anyone is interested in photographing the fall colors on a private photo tour/workshop. Thanks for looking. G

Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen