Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Oak Leaf, Lama Mountain, New Mexico


Oak Leaf, today on Lama Mountain, northern New Mexico. The shades of autumn in the changing scrub oak, their mesmerizing colors carpeting the hillsides of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the southern Rockies. I picked one from the car window as we passed and held it with the sun lighting from behind, against a dark shadowed background. Thanks for looking. G

Oak Leaf, today on Lama Mountain, northern New Mexico.

Lama Road Fire Burn Area

Lama road (Old Highway 3) burn area from the Hondo Fire 1996. I wanted to share this image from the area north of San Cristobal, in order to show the damage done 22 years ago and how looks today. I made a series of very large panoramas depicting the regrowth in the burn area. I find the area hauntingly beautiful and I will share more images from this series. As you may have heard, the fire season is upon us, and here is a gentle reminder. Thanks for looking. G

lama road fire burn area