Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Magpie

Adobe Home, Magpie Nest, San Cristobal

Adobe home, magpie nest, San Cristobal. This incredible, intricately constructed nest is now a garden curio. The magpies will, no doubt, recycle the materials in to a new nest/adobe home construction next year. At least I hope so. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie nest, San Cristobal

Chapel of San Cristóbal, New Mexico

Chapel San Cristobal, in the valley of San Cristobal, New Mexico. The Magpie knows a good spot when it finds it. The soft filtered sunset light attracted the Magpie and me. An evening drive through the village and foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, softens the heart and nourishes the soul. Thanks for looking. G

Chapel San Cristobal