Magpie Nest #2

Magpie nest number #2 San Cristobal NM. This is the second layer of a magpie nest that fell from the juniper tree this fall in the high winds. There are three other stages in the nest: the outer layer of large structural twigs anchoring the nest to the tree limbs; this structure, followed by a layer of decreasing twig sizes; the last layer, a structure of the tiniest twigs resembling horse hair. The eggs are laid on this final delicate structure. More photos to follow. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie nest number #2

Magpie Moon, San Cristobal, NM

Magpie moon, in the cottonwood tree San Cristobal, NM. The moon rose crystal clear over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico as our resident Magpie mimicked my calls seemingly oblivious of the splendor around us. Further south, the moon rose shrouded in clouds of fire smoke. It set this morning, around 4:30am resembling a blood orange through the thick smoke that settled across the valley. As always thanks for looking. G

Magpie Moon, San Cristobal, NM

Magpie Rainbow Sunset

Magpie and rainbow from San Cristobal, New Mexico. I love it when I go out to watch a weather event happening and there is a compadre right there with me. This is one of the parents who have a nest in our juniper trees. When the juveniles started calling, demanding attention, this bird took off to take care of their needs. I stayed for sometime longer to enjoy the scene and watch the sunset and numerous lightning strikes. Thanks for looking. G

Magpie and rainbow