Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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In The Valle Vidal, “Valley Of Life”

Valle Vidal, “Valley of Life”, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Beautiful alpine meadows and streams, expansive vistas of the high peaks of the Sangre de Cristos, including Wheeler Peak the highest point in New Mexico, and this towering plant (6 feet tall) and I have no idea what it is. Any guesses? Thanks for looking. G

Valle Vidal, Valley of Life

Wild Iris In The Valle Vidal

Wild Iris in a meadow, near a babbling brook, in the high country of the Valle Vidal, (valley of life) New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Iris In The Valle Vidal

Spring In The Arroyo Hondo Valley

Spring in the Arroyo Hondo Valley. A beautiful drive through the Arroyo Hondo Valley this evening, just timed it right as the New Mexico sun broke open the clouds and turned on the spotlight. We live here. Thanks for looking. G

Spring In The Arroyo Hondo Valley

Mule Deer In The Meadow

Mule deer in the meadow, San Cristobal, NM. This deer and its family joined us for dinner this evening. Of course, we ate vastly different meals but the company was delightful. Thanks for looking. G

Mule Deer In The Meadow

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

An evening pastoral scene in the meadows, (El Prado) on the north side of Taos. I can always be persuaded by the quiet nature of this pastoral scene, to pull over, get out of the car, breathe in the air, soak up the atmosphere, and make an image of what I felt, not always what I see. Thanks for looking. G

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

Homestead Meadow, New Mexico

Homestead meadow, on the road to Mora, New Mexico. This trip around the block turned into exclamations of “ahh”, “oh my”, “did you see that?” one after another.
“Around the block” might literally be a trip around the neighborhood. It may take an hour or two! On the other hand it may be a day trip or a trip lasting a number of days. No matter it’s length, it is a trip which brings us back home all the richer for the adventure and places we’ve explored, the people we met and locations we experienced. This day was just that. We savored each moment and returned home fulfilled and content. Thanks for looking. G 


Wild Iris, Big Dog, Photo Bomb

Wild iris, big dog in a Taos Valley meadow. I had just set up amongst these wild iris, with a view of Taos mountain as a backdrop, when this hound moseyed in to the viewfinder. The pooch decided my camera was worthy enough for further inquiry. It was now for me to protect my lens from a big wet nose and a sloppy kiss. Yes, he had a penchant for the lens, methinks this be his modus operandi. I never did get the “shot” I had in mind at this location. This image, and only this image is what I got that day. Thanks for looking. G

wild iris big dog

Taos Mountain Cottonwoods

Taos Mountain cottonwoods and sunset. The highway heading north out of town in El Prado (the meadows) Taos, New Mexico.


In Ranchitos Valley

Came across this gentle creature in the Ranchitos Valley this evening. The light was soft and the animal’s nature seemed giving and loving. It came toward me, it wanted to get closer. I wanted to get closer. The barbed wire fence and an ice pond between us created a boundary for any further physical contact. The horse turned to it’s right, as if to show me its best side, and declared, “here I am!” In that moment, as I activated the camera’s shutter, a connection occurred, where all I could do was sigh in awe and disbelief as two souls cross the barriers in between.

white horse in the ranchitos valley taos new mexico