Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Amish Horse Drawn Buggy, Monte Vista, Colorado

Amish horse-drawn buggy, Monte Vista, Colorado. I added the old photo effect bringing a dated look to the shot thats mirrors the old ways. We heard the horse and buggy coming before we could see it. Can you see the swaddled baby reaching for the reins as Mom holds her safely around the waist. Here’s a little blurb on the Amish in the San Luis Valley. Thanks for looking. G

Amish Horse Drawn Buggy, Monte Vista, Colorado

Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado. It’s morning in the wildlife refuge as the fog lifts over the cat-tails on the banks of the marshes, slowly dissipating, to reveal the sanctuary islands beyond. The waterfowl are going through their morning ablutions, primping and preening as the sun warms up the air and the day begins. Thanks for looking. G


Silos Monte Vista Colorado

Silos in Monte Vista, Colorado. This image is about the amalgamation of shapes and subtle colors more than anything else. That’s why I made an about face and returned a mile back to make the image. Thanks for looking. G