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Yucca Plant, Monument Valley, Utah

Yucca plant, amidst a “forrest” of yuccas in Monument Valley, Utah. I’ve visited this most beautiful place a hundred times and it is always magical. I’m not an authority on the place but this is the first time I’ve seen so many yucca plants. Not only yuccas but so many other desert wildflowers are everywhere in this southwest super bloom year. Thanks for looking. G

Yucca plant, Monument Valley, Utah

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah. A bit of a dusting at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. On a private photo tour this week at some of the best locations in the southwest. Luxurious accommodations and the vista from my room at the “View Hotel” in the valley this evening. Thanks for looking. G

Monument Valley, Arizona, Utah.

Monument Valley View

Monument Valley ramada with a view. Formerly used for shade by a roadside vendor, this ramada fell in to a state of disrepair over the years, but it still made for a nice framing element with the buttes of Monument Valley in the distance. Thanks for looking. G

Monument Valley Ramada