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Wild Yarrow, Adobe, Corrugation, Mora, NM

Wild yarrow, adobe wall, window, and corrugation in Mora, New Mexico. All the elements that shout out loud, “New Mexico”. If you live here you know what I mean and if you don’t, I think you get my drift. Thanks for looking. G



Building Decor Abstract Composite

Building decor abstract composite, connecting Las Vegas and Mora, NM. I love shapes in architecture, design and decor. The buildings are in two different towns, however, the similarities are striking.  Thanks for looking G

Building Decor Abstract Composition

Mora Valley Spinning Mill Façade

Mora Valley Spinning Mill, building façade in Mora NM. Bright colors on a bright day last April. There’s always some element directing attention to the sky. A lot of people marvel at how blue the skies actually are here in the NM. Is there a paint color named New Mexico Blue? Thanks for looking. G

Mora Valley Spinning Mill Façade

Homestead Meadow, New Mexico

Homestead meadow, on the road to Mora, New Mexico. This trip around the block turned into exclamations of “ahh”, “oh my”, “did you see that?” one after another.
“Around the block” might literally be a trip around the neighborhood. It may take an hour or two! On the other hand it may be a day trip or a trip lasting a number of days. No matter it’s length, it is a trip which brings us back home all the richer for the adventure and places we’ve explored, the people we met and locations we experienced. This day was just that. We savored each moment and returned home fulfilled and content. Thanks for looking. G 


Willow Window Shutters

Willow window shutters. I’ve visited this building in Mora, New Mexico for a long time. I like the simplicity of the composition. I like the break in the shutters and the slight stair stepping of the rock wall. I like the difference between the rock wall and the uniformity of the stucco wall. Thanks for looking. G


From Days Long Gone

Days long gone. A store front in Mora New Mexico. Coke, Cigarettes, Phone, and EBT cards accepted. I made this image in February, 2006 when these signs left you knowing in no uncertain terms what you could get for your money … or EBT cards at this location. Since then the building has a new coat of stucco, no phone for sure, but I can’t vouch for cigarettes and coke or whether they still accept EBT cards.