Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Miami, New Mexico, the Plains


Miami, New Mexico, out “Where the Rockies meet the Plains.” I’m standing a little further east of there. Here on the plains I can see the Rockies, with miles of flat land to the east, punctuated with old volcanoes, stubby hills and rolling thunderstorms. This is another of my favorite areas for making favorite images like this one. You can tell which way the wind blows out here in Miami. Thanks for looking. G

Miami, New Mexico, out "Where the Rockies meet the Plains."

Pronghorn “Where The Rockies Meet The Plains”


Pronghorn, Ocate, New Mexico, “Where The Rockies Meet The Plains”. Working through some images from yesterday I thought this was a real sweet picture with soft diffuse lighting adding to the gentle look of this Pronghorn. Can’t say I’d like to stand in it’s way when it decides to bolt! It is the fastest land animal in North America, with sustained speeds of 45 mph and top speed just over 60 mph. I know a couple of photographers who can attest to this fact, Paul Malinowski and Linda Duffy. Remember the lone Pronghorn racing the car? Thanks for looking. G

Pronghorn "Where The Rockies Meet The Plains"

“Perky Sue” East Rim, Rio Grande Gorge


“Perky Sue” East Rim, Rio Grande Gorge at the Wild Rivers Recreation Area. Yes they are perky, indiscriminate and glowing in the morning light. It’s an appropriate name for these, “Perky Sue” in this particular arid climate. Not sure I’d be so perky. Thanks for looking. G

"Perky Sue" East Rim, Rio Grande Gorge

Capulin Volcano, Rainbow, Northeastern NM


Capulin Volcano, Rainbow, Northeastern NM. Here’s the rainbow after the storm in Capulin, NM. The rainbow can be seen arcing just in front of the volcano. Fortunately it’s an extinct cinder cone volcano. The super volcano in Yellowstone, if it goes off, will cover New Mexico with a foot or more of ash. Thanks for looking. G

Capulin Volcano, Rainbow, Northeastern NM

Little House On The Plains


Little house on the plains, Capulin, NM. This little house out there in the field, befriended by a few ravens, sits alone under a brooding sky. At the time I was on our annual photo trek with my good friend Ron. We descended the plateau and spotted this place. The light was eerily beautiful although foreboding. It hailed heavily after I made this image. When the hail storm passed, a rainbow followed arcing over the Capulin Volcano. Stay tuned and thanks for looking. G

Little house on the plains, Capulin, NM.

Rattlesnake At Fort Union, NM


Rattlesnake on the trail/walkway at Fort Union, NM. The ranger said they hadn’t seen one in a long while, physically on the trail. I have a lot of respect for these creatures. It didn’t warn us with a rattle, the air temps were still cool. Rattlesnakes become lethargic when it is cold, so they exhibit a near narcoleptic state, but it seems they still exude energy because I certainly picked up on it! For that I am grateful. The ranger warned other visitors, some with young children, that the snake had been spotted and to be aware. Note the way the snake blends beautifully with its environment. Thanks for looking. G

Rattlesnake At Fort Union, NM

Cimarron Plains, Northeastern New Mexico


Cimarron plains in northeastern New Mexico. Cimarron the town with the motto, “Where the Rockies meet the Plains”. And they do, as far as the eyes can see, all the way to Kansas and beyond. There are a few old volcanoes off in the distance, on the horizon including Capulin Volcano National Monument just to the right of center, but that’s about it. Thanks for looking. G

Cimarron Plains, Northeastern New Mexico

Bill Fegan, Schuler Theatre, Raton New Mexico

Bill Fegan at the Schuler Theatre in Raton New Mexico. Bill came to the Schuler Theatre in 1963. Last year on a photo tour, we met Bill on the street after breakfast and he invited us to visit him at the historic theatre in downtown Raton. He was very generous with his time and gave a his undivided attention on a tour and regaled us with many stories of the theatre’s past and his own.

Bill had recently returned from France for his ninetieth birthday trip. He is pictured here in the lobby of the Schuler Theatre with a portrait of his younger self. If you get the opportunity to visit Raton, go see Bill at the theatre and enjoy some time in his company. While you’re there pay a visit to the exceptional Raton Museum, you wont be disappointed. Thanks for looking. G

Bill Fegan at the Schuler Theatre