Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Lake Powell, Page, Arizona, Sunset

Lake Powell, Page, Arizona sunset. Back there, ever present is the Navajo Generating Station (updated the plant is now closed). Over the years I’ve documented many scenes, such as this, in the southwest landscape. Here’s the shot I posted last year. In this photo the bath tub ring is very prominent around Lake Powell and on some days the air quality was atrocious. In this case you can see the beautiful setting on a cleaner air day and the approaching sunset. Thanks for looking. G

Lake Powell, Page, Arizona sunset.

Page, Arizona. View From The Road

Page, Arizona, a view from the road. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park, NGS – Navajo Generating Station at Lake Powell, and a pony. As we flew by on the road, the scene grabbed me and called me back. Antelope Canyon guides were loading up tourists. The power plant was cranking out the gigawatts. The pony seemed oblivious to all, including us! Thanks for looking. G

Page, Arizona, a view from the road.