Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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San Cristobal Valley Evening Light

San Cristobal Valley. Evening light from the kitchen window enhanced with a fun brushstroke app on the iPhone. The wonders of software and the wonder of the New Mexico landscape and light. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Valley evening light

Still Life, Milkweed, Grasses, Mirror

Still Life, Milkweed, Grasses, Mirror. A little creative license with texture, brush strokes and layers of canvas and paper types. Made from a still life photograph of an arrangement on the bedroom dresser. Thanks for looking. G

Still Life, Milkweed, Grasses, Mirror

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico

Road Side Art, Carson, New Mexico. “My kid could have done that!” … I’m sure some kid did do it. I really like it. I see it every time I pass through the village and it makes me smile. If you are driving through the area, stop in and play a game of skittles while you’re there. Thanks for looking. G

Road Side Art, Carson New Mexico

Patina Painting

Patina painting. Many fading coats of paint tell their own story. So many stories, which one to tell. I’ll go with this one today. Thanks for looking. G

Patina Painting

Bison Painting, D.H. Lawrence Ranch

Bison Painting, D H Lawrence Ranch. 1934 Bison painting by Trinidad Archuleta of Taos Pueblo on the DH Lawrence cabin in San Cristobal, NM.

I was looking through some photos on CDs that I exhumed from their current resting place in my closet, mostly back up discs from 2001, with lots of images of my young children at the time. In amongst them I found images from a trip I took with my parents to the D.H. Lawrence ranch. It was their second visit there during the numerous trips they made to the southwest over the years. This photograph of the Bison painting was in there with some shots of my parents hanging out in the shade of the cabin porch. We grew up reading D.H. in school in the UK. I didn’t care for him much then, but came to like his writing later in my life. “I think New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I have ever had. It certainly changed me forever…”  Well … that certainly resonates with me. Thankful for the memories… and thanks for looking. G